Thursday, April 13

Beginners Luck finish and something new....

I haven't really done much since my last post....but happy to post that Beginners Luck is quilted, done and dusted...🌹

Now I'm working on a little mini / doll quilt, not sure how I'm going to finish this cutie...just playing with it as I go....

                                ....while I was playing I ran up these little tote bags for three little misses....

Have a lovely Happy Easter and stay safe....🌹

Thursday, March 16

WIP....on mission to finish this quilt.

Inspired by the beautiful doily quilt my dear friend Lois finished recently, please scroll back a few posts and see how beautiful it is...a family heirloom.
I'm on a mission to get this one in progress finished. Mine will be all in creams and tea dyed laces and doilies.


I'm making this by the Quilt as You Go method.  So much easier to machine quilt blocks and panels than a whole big quilt.

Off to play, see how much I can get done today....I'm hoping Sweet Susie will be happy to play too.

Have a lovely day...🌹

Monday, March 6

Baby clothes

Taking a break from quilting to make a special little miss these girly pretties.
It's been a long time since I've made baby clothes.
Sure hope they's hard to judge the size.


I happened to have this cute bunny fabric....which I've lined with pink / white dot fabric....

Making it reversible..
Having fun....Now to see what else I can make !

Have a great day....🌹

Thursday, March 2

Beginners Luck....been on a mission today!

So happy to have this pieced. I've been on a mission to make it a flimsy....8 hours work, done!
Deciding on the border was easy. I got a bit carried away when cutting the triangles for the blocks, there was enough for the saw tooth waste. Too easy!

It's been a lot of work, but I'm happy how it's turned out.
Even CW fabrics can be bright and cheerful....

Been raining here all day....was nice being in my sewing room...
Take care.....🌹

Wednesday, March 1

Leftovers....maybe another's quilt!

                                Going through my many tubs of remnants from quilts made, I found these...
Seems such a waste to just discard them, so I'm thinking perhaps a quilt of all sorts, mug rugs or smaller runners.
Top paper piecing ones are CW fabrics and the rest are beautiful bright '30's....of which I don't have much left. They have been favourites of mine...trying hard this year to use what I have, as I'm sure many of you are too.

Can't believe it's the first day of autumn....what happened to summer. We really didn't have much of a summer like I remember.   

Have a lovely day...🌹